A mixed media project that illustrates my neighborhood in a unique way. I choose basketball courts, as they often shape my living surroundings. My Brother and I used to meet on different ones and were always on the lookout for new court experiences. All have a different mood and host different people, especially in Berlin!
Hidden Away

Somewhere in the Nelly-Sachs-Park lies this humble jewel of a court.
Surrounded by ivy, trees and protected by one big side of a building one may take a break of the busy city. The normal-sized hoops and metal chain nets are like chimes in a garden which sooth your soul after each hit. In spring, white blossoms get carried away by the wind, creating a Ghibli-esque aesthetic.
Right in the urban jungle in Kreuzberg is the Hohenstaufenplatz and it’s courts. Here the spirit can be rather wild. Everything is caged up and sometimes you have to fight soccer players for the courts or while you play try not to be intimidated by the never ending stares of the surrounding neighbours. Those might turn into judging ones if the ball hits the ground at nine in the morning on Sundays. It is often a very lively place and a small market is right next to it from time to time. If the wind is in one’s favor, pizza smell might get carried your way from the pizza place next to it.

Right across the Monumentenbrücke where rails slither through the landscape, one can experience the sound of basketballs hitting the ground in between the noise of trains rushing by. The possibility to relax and watch others pass by in the trains or by bike after playing some basketball gives this court an extra sense of peace and joy.
Cleared for Landing

Where once the loud roaring aircraft engines were dominating the environment is now an enormous area with enough space for all kinds of activities and freedom. Plenty of grassy fields and the giant smooth asphalt and cement paths that airplanes used to roll on are now grounds for everyone to craft their own adventure for the day. On the list of the many possibilities is basketball. Either on courts in the grass or right on the runway, both radiate a big sense of space and freedom. Playing on the Tempelhofer Feld is a unique experience.
Railway Umbrella

Away from the main area of the Gleisdreieck Park one may find this special court. Right at the Lokdepot you might not find old trains, but you can encounter friendly people often on bikes or families hanging out on the fancy playground right next to it. Additionally a good place to be for all weather players that do not want to get wet.
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